UPSC/IAS 2013 Question Papers :

UPSC - Question Paper-2013 of Philosophy

Download PHILOSOPHY Qestion Paper of UPSC Civil Services Mains-2013.Origional Scan Copy :

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UPSC/IAS - 2013 Question Paper of Sociology:

Download SOCIOLOGY Qestion Paper of UPSC Civil Services Mains-2013. Origional Scan Copy :

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UPSC/IAS - 2013 Question Paper of Public Administration:

Download PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Qestion Paper of UPSC Civil Services Mains-2013. Origional Scan Copy :

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UPSC/IAS Mains Exam - 2013 GS-Paper-IV :

Download UPSC Civil Services Mains-2013 General Studies Question Paper – 4 (official) Paper-4 Ethics. Origional Scan Copy :

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UPSC/IAS GS Question Paper-III :

Download UPSC Civil Services Mains-2013 General Studies Question Paper – 3 (official).Origional Scan Copy :

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UPSC/IAS - 2013 GS Question Paper-II :

Download General Studies Paper-II of UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination-2013.Origional Scan Copy :

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UPSC/IAS - 2013 GS Question Paper I :

Download General Studies Paper-1 of UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination-2013.Origional Scan Copy :>

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Essay Question Paper of UPSC IAS Mains-2013:

Essay Question Paper of UPSC IAS Mains-2013:

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Genral Studies Foundation Vourse for UPSC/IAS/Civil Serives

GS Prelims 2014 Special Batch:
Batch II - Starts on :

» In Delhi Center :

» 22nd June,2014 at 3:00PM

GS Preliminary Test Series Starts :

Going on
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» In Hyderabad Center :

GS One Year Foundation Course :

First Three Classes Open to All
Batch Begins 14th JUly,2014
IAS Prelims Special Batch-II:
» CSAT Going On
Test Series are going on:
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philosophy optional

Toppers Meet FREE Workshop 18th July '14:

» In Old Rajender Nagar at 11:30 AM
» In Mukherjee Nagar at 05:30 PM

Philosophy Mains Test Series :

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UPSC/IAS Public Administration Optional

» In Delhi Center :


New Batch Begins on 29th June,2014 :

» In Old Rajender Nagar at 10:30 AM
» In Mukherjee Nagar at 04:00 PM

PubAd Mains Test Series Starting:

Foundation Batch: Batch I : Going on

» in Old Rajender Nagar at 5:30pm
in Mukherjee Nagar at 9:30am

» In Hyderabad Center :

Public Administration Test Series in Our Hyderabad Center

» Going on
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History optional

Foundation Batch Goin on :

Civil Service Exam Coaching for Science and Technologo

Special Course for Prelims & Mains: Going on :

Sociology Optional
Foundation Batch:
Starts on Second Week of December
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General Studies Foundation Batch(Pre-Cum-Mains)

General Studies Foundation Batches Begin for IAS-2015

Delhi Centre:(Mukherjee Nagar) Going On
Delhi Centre:(Old Rajender Nagar) on 2nd Week of July 2014
Hyderabad Centre:(Ashok Nagar) 14 July 2014 Read More

General Studies Prelims-2014 Test Series:

GS-&-CSAT-Test-Series-Begin-Top   GS & CSAT Batch Begins
  5th July'2014

  Admission & Registration Open

  at Rajinder Nagar & Mukherjee Nagar


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Popular Topics

The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2011:

The landmark Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill, 2011 passed by the Parliament of India. It paves the way for setting up of the institution of Lokpal at the Centre and Lokayuktas in States by law enacted by the respective State Legislatures within one year of coming into force of the Act. The new law provides for a mechanism for dealing with complaints of corruption against public functionaries, including those in high places. Read More..

Good News For Governance: Fostering Sunshine Through Citizen Engagement Democracy as a means of managing civil society has a long and chequered history. Even recorded history like the early republics in our country or the Athenian democracy in Europe shows one has to go back to more than two thousand years to find democratic institutions in some form or other, flourishing in human society.
In our country, democracy got a tremendous, impetus in our struggle for freedom. It is this historical background for our struggle for independence from foreign rule that enabled us to set up a democratic republic in which adult franchise and Click Here to Read More..

BIOETHICS in India: whose concern are they? Humans have evolved into amazingly complex organisms with the power to cause radical changes in their environment; this is their most unique characteristic and also the reason that they must assume the greatest burden of responsibility of all creation. Every human society has some pattern of behaviors for its members as we call them Ethics. Bioethics is the study of controversial balance of morality and regulations brought about by advances in biology. It is a state of art sensitivity towards the morality related to medical policy, practice, and research. Click Here to Read More..

The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 : Dated on 13-7-2013 is the primary legal framework for juvenile justice in India. The Act provides for a special approach towards the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency and provides a framework for the protection, treatment and rehabilitation of children in the purview of the juvenile justice system. Click Here to Read More..

About Vladimir Putin (Russian Election) Vladimir Putin was the Prime Minister of Russia (9 August 1999 – 7 May 2000) when the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin resigned (on Dec 31, 1999) from the post. Mr. Putin was chosen as by Mr. Yeltsin as successor and hence Mr. Putin became acting president (Dec 9,1999 – May 7, 2000). Click Here to Read More..


Biology :

Origin of Life

Origin of life :
Evolutionary Biology is the study of history of life forms on earth. The origin of life is considered a unique event in the history of universe.
The Big Bang theory and the Nebular Hypothesis are the most acceptable explanation of the origin of universe and solar system. It talks of a rapid expansion of singular mass having immense density, temperature and energy. Click Here to Read More..

Test Series :

GS Mains Test Series

  1. India must to expand supply to provide universal access to modern energy and maintain economic growth.” How does India’s growing energy needs play an important role in changing geopolitical scenario in Asia?

  2. Elaborate whether the recent events of adversity related with death in consuming mid day meal is the consequence of faulty planning or execution?

  3. Discuss the various modes of e-governance. Explain how e-governance can lead to a better informed citizenry

  4. The controlling under Article 235 extends only to courts & not tribunals.

  5. The emergence of regional trade blocks has been diplomatically aimed at stability of South Asia, but this regionalisation is also linked with the emergence of a disparity amongst nation s. Explain.

  6. The turmoil of Middle East will have an equal impact on the population as well as the economic diplomacy of the region. Explain

  7. As in so many other phases of the national movement, the real initiative came from below rather than top leaders or organizations in princely states, later on it was joined by some big leaders. Comment.

  8. The implications of illegal sand mining overreach beyond damaging the socio-economic fabric of the country. Explain.

  9. What is the significance of ‘Ardhanarishwar’ in Indian Art?

  10. Social implications of conditional cash transfer.

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GS Prelims Test Series Schedule
UPSC/IAS Philosophy Optional Test Series Questions :
UPSC/IAS Public Administration(Optional Test Series) :   Click Here..

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