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General Studies-GS Main Test-Series for UPSC/IAS/Civil Service Examination

Test Yourself before the UPSC
Full Length Mocks of GS-I, II, III, & IV

Delhi and Hyderabad Classroom Centers & Online / Offline

Test Starts
Starts on 11th & 12th Oct.2017 || Timing: 10:00am to 4:00pm

Open Full Mock Test of General Studies Paper I, II, III & IV

General Studies Mains Test Series Schedule: Read More

Course Features:

  • Get the real feel of Mains Exam
  • Questions strictly based on UPSC level
  • Analytical & Dynamic questions to bring out the best in you
  • Sectional tests to cover the whole syllabus in accordance with the pattern of examination
  • 4 full mock tests in well stimulated condition.
  • Answer writing session with mentors. Learn how to present an answer and not to write it.
  • Discussions on how to utilize ones information and knowledge to present an overall view (intro, main body & conclusion)
  • Focus on concept building catering to the demands of mains papers.
  • Paper evaluation by faculty and experts only.
  • Detailed model answers with approach.
  • One to one guidance- feedback to improve your answer writing.

50+ Selections in CSE/IAS-2015


  • Prepared by experienced & seasonal barins.
    Many Questions of UPSC-IAS 2015 General Studies Prelims Examination matched with VVR Test Series 2015
  • Not only just a excellent quality but also quantity of General Studies tests to prepare, practice & succeed.
  • Not only just a test series, but a compact course programme.
  • Most Scientifically designed pattern & syllabus in two levels, cover topics from basic to advance for UPSC/IAS Examination.
  • Every Top most candidate's (UPSC/IAS General Studies Test-Series) test copy will be uploaded online for checking various stands.
  • Detailed analysis and answer checking with proper comments by experienced faculties of VVR.
  • Separate discussion for every test(General Studies).
  • To the point marking and augmented assesment.
  • Online UPSC/IAS General Studies Test Series is also Available for Out Station Students
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