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Schedule: General Studies Test-Series 2017

General Studies Mains Test Series Starts-9th July,2017(Online/Offline)

Test Timings: Flexible Duration of all Tests will be – 3Hrs and Maximum Marks is 250

Test No. Paper Test Date Test Timing Correction & Discussion Date
Test-1 Paper-I 09-July, 2017 10am to 5pm 21-July-2017 10am to 4pm
Test-2 Paper-I 22-July, 2017 10am to 5pm 04-Aug-2017 10am to 4pm
Test-3 Paper-II 05-Aug, 2017 10am to 5pm 11-Aug-2017 10am to 4pm
Test-4 Paper-II 12-Aug, 2017 10am to 5pm 19-Aug-2017 10am to 4pm
Test-5 Paper-III 26-Aug, 2017 10am to 5pm 08-Sep-2017 10am to 4pm
Test-6 Paper-III 09-Sep, 2017 10am to 5pm 22-Sep-2017 10am to 4pm
Test-7 Paper-IV 23-Sep, 2017 10am to 5pm 29-Sep-2017 10am to 4pm
Test-8 Paper-IV 30-Sep, 2017 10am to 5pm 07-Oct-2017 10am to 4pm
Test-9 Full Mock Paper-I 14-Oct., 2017 10am to 1pm 21-Oct.,-2017 10am to 4pm
Test-10 Full Mock Paper-II 14-Oct., 2017 2pm to 5pm 21-Oct.,-2017 10am to 4pm
Test-11 Full Mock Paper-I 15-Oct., 2017 10pm to 1pm 22-Oct.,-2017 10am to 4pm
Test-12 Full Mock Paper-II 15-Oct., 2017 2pm to 5pm 22-Oct.,-2017 10am to 4pm