VVR is the vision conceptualized by top most bureaucrats and educationist of premier education institutes of the country. The institute came into inception to work as an associate of Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMS). In a short span of its life, the untiring efforts of team VVR has brought glory and touched the lives of aspiring students who were able to make their dreams come true. As an associate of IMS, VVR has been working in shadows to prove a fundamental role in churning out bureaucrats with top ranks.

The pioneering educationist and sharp brains of team VVR are committed towards superior quality and result oriented strategies to make a way up towards the foremost jobs of the nation. The driving force behind this educational institution lies in the basic concept of true and honest hard work to bring a real revolution in the trends of coaching domains.

Our years of sheer hard work, a think-tank of vast experience, a country-wideknowledge network of eminent educationist, unending story of selections in Civil services and state services Exams, a gigantic annual base of students and above all, the trust of thousands of aspirants have together made our strength for focused and quality exam preparation.

VVR has emerged in association with IMS to bring benchmark results with excellent performances of its students in civil services examination. In most recent years VVR with its associates has produced ranks in top 10 in the civil services examination.

Our Results in IAS-2016:

Akshay Godara(AIR-40, CSE-2016), Himanshu Jain(AIR-44, CSE-2016), Tanai Sultania(AIR-63, CSE-2016), Bhagyashree D.V.(AIR-103, CSE-2016), Saurabh Dixit(AIR-162, CSE-2016), Videh Khare(AIR-205, CSE-2016), Aakash Purohit(AIR-216, CSE-2016), G.Sri Hari Prasad(AIR-268, CSE-2016), Vinay Mali Pudi(AIR-410, CSE-2016), Swapneel Paul(AIR-431, CSE-2016), Shubham Aggarwal(AIR-447, CSE-2016), Kumar Ankit(AIR-516, CSE-2016), Rahul Kumar(AIR-472, CSE-2016), Ramkesh Y.C.(AIR-649, CSE-2016), Nasir Manner(AIR-753, CSE-2016), Harshit Saini(AIR-884, CSE-2016), Amandeep Singh(AIR-886, CSE-2016), D.Naveen Kumar(AIR-889, CSE-2016), Md.Sarfaraz Alam(AIR-904, CSE-2016), Anita Verma(AIR-1029, CSE-2016)

Our Results in IAS-2015:

Pratap Singh(AIR-15, IAS 2015), Shalini Duhan(AIR-21, IAS 2015), Chandra Mohan Garg(AIR-25, IAS 2015), Ashwani Kr. Pandey(AIR-34, IAS 2015), Gazal Bharadwaj(AIR-40, IAS 2015), Vishal Singh (AIR-73, IAS 2015), Aneesh Dasgupta (AIR-74, IAS 2015), Kantesh Kumar Mishra(AIR-138, IAS 2015), Deepak Anand(AIR-235, IAS 2015), Govind Mohan(AIR-245, IAS 2015), Khatale Ravindra Dnyaneshwar(AIR-283, IAS 2015), Om Prakash(AIR-311, IAS 2015), Y Vishnu Vardhan Reddy(AIR-325, IAS 2015), Abhilash Mishra(AIR-341, IAS 2015), Kishore Kshirsagar Lakshman(AIR-353, IAS 2015), Sharma Suryaprakash Gulabchand(AIR-407, IAS 2015), Varunesh Mishra(AIR-449, IAS 2015), Prabhash Kumar(AIR-562, IAS 2015), Akshay Godara(AIR-577, IAS 2015), Pachiyappan P(AIR-605, IAS 2015), Kirankumar Gorakh Jadhav(AIR-614, IAS 2015), S Vijayakumar(AIR-727, IAS 2015), Kanika Sharma(AIR-787, IAS 2015), Pachiyappan P(AIR-850, IAS 2015), Nishant Kumar(AIR-856, IAS 2015), Vijay Kumar(AIR-880, IAS 2015), Banoth Yakhil Chand(AIR-916, IAS 2015), Abhiroop Aryan (AIR-924, IAS 2015), Abhishek Kumar (AIR-1028, IAS 2015).

Our Results in IAS-2014

Gowtham Potru(AIR-30, IAS 2014), Harshal Pancholi(AIR-56, IAS 2014), Prabhat Malik(AIR-68, IAS 2014), Shalini Duhan(AIR-100, IAS 2014), Ajay Kumar Bansal(AIR-138, IAS 2014), Swapnil Khare(AIR-236, IAS 2014), Amrita Sinha(AIR-238, IAS 2014), Varunesh Mishra(AIR-316, IAS 2014), D Rahul Vainket(AIR-386, IAS 2014), Vikas Jakhar(AIR-696, IAS 2014), Rohit Kumar Bhaisare(AIR-1000, IAS 2014), Pulkesh Singh(AIR-1050, IAS 2014), Manish Shiva Zole(AIR-1060, IAS 2014), Meet Kumar(AIR-1150, IAS 2014), Lokesh Datal(AIR-1162, IAS 2014), Rizwanbasha Shaikh(AIR-1214, IAS 2014).

Our Results in IAS-2013

Ajith John Joshuna(AIR-78, IAS 2013), Sumit Kumar(AIR-81, IAS 2013), Deepak Shukla(AIR-127, IAS 2013), Sachin Sharma(AIR-148, IAS 2013), Gowtham Potru(AIR-318, IAS 2013), Shalini Duhan(AIR-190, IAS 2013), Sachin Rana(AIR-339, IAS 2013), Dhritiman Sarkar(AIR-537, IAS 2013), Ashish Pal(AIR-625, IAS 2013), Amandeep(AIR-771, IAS 2013).

Our Results in IAS-2011

Our regular Classroom Course student Mr. Himanshu Gupta has made us proud by bagging AIR-7 in IAS and AIR-5 in IFoS in UPSC exams-2011. Beside this students like Ajay Singh (AIR-88, IAS 2011), Awakash Kumar (AIR-168, IAS 2011), Gulneet Singh (AIR-220, IAS 2011), Ajeet Pratap (AIR-228, IAS 2011), Jai Yadav (AIR-372, IAS 2011), Ravi Verma (AIR-485, IAS 2011), Megha Agarwal (AIR-538, IAS 2011) have added up to the list of recent achievers at VVR and its associate IMS. VVR and its associate have also proved its mettle with the success story of many other aspirants in the previous year also and will continue to bring eminence with the determined expertise of its trainers and mentors.

The history of our selected students has added new feathers each year as like the above results speak volumes of its veracity. Taking the legacy of excellence forward, today VVR is committed to mine up the hidden diamonds of the civil services aspirants. In a short span of its inception, VVR has become synonymous with quality teaching, committed and professional skills for all phases of civil services entrance examination.